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Sunlight Service

Sunlight Service

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  Cooperation, Innovation, Reciprocity
 Our company takes every customer as a partner for creating a harmonious future together, experiences and considers the feeling of customers from every detail, provides customers with rapid and accurate service, creates and shares value and grows with customers. Our company carries forward the cooperative spirit of R&D, marketing and service personnel, organizes the “Quality Service Long March” activity, provides door-to-door service, and solves the practical problems in the production process. Our company takes customer demands into consideration, adheres to the tenet of “Create More Value for Customers”, and innovates the service program and process. The production cost and time cost saved by our company will turn into the competitiveness of customers and realize the long-term value chain. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

  Expert Service, Create Value
  24h All-weather Convenient Service
  The customer can dial our service hotline 0086-18014318008 in 24 hours. The service system will start at the first time. Our company effectively promotes the timeliness of service, and provides customers with more convenient and complete consulting service.

 Global Service Network
  As an international leading enterprise, our company takes global service as the foundation of the century-old brand, sets up more than 60 national service networks in the world, and makes rapid response to customer demands.

  The Expert Training System
  Our company creates continuous intangible value for customers, starts the training system, invites the technical and management experts, and provides customers with training service for increasing the future value.
  Service Phone:0086-519-87838008 87362088
  Phone: 0086-18014318008

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