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Human Resourse

Human Resourse

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We are committed to establish a fair, competitive and incentive, efficient, and effective mechanism with the principle of fair competition ,strict appraisal, and choose the superior , and two-way choice employment, through the career advancement opportunities, emotion attract and attractive treatment way to excavate first-class study-oriented persons who have creative ability.

 First solicit talent

Fair competition ,strict appraisal, and choose the superior , and two-way choice employment.

Our company set up a perfect talent evaluation system, through the network, recruitment conference, headhunting company etc. all the way to the recruitment of talent, which supply abundant reserve of talents for expanding the size of the enterprise and market development .

 Second, human resources

 principle: establish competition and examination system and employ outstanding talented people.

 Our company through job rotation , promotion and competition to employ people. To those who have special expertise, special contribution we will break the limit of degree, qualifications, duties and identity , but to provide a challenging job opportunities.

 Three, talent cultivation

  Training principles: according to individual needs and desire to provide training and development space.

 Our company provide professional training and individual training for employees based on learning needs ,to rich staff culture inside. We establish career management team for employees, and perfect design career training system, according to the individual tracking needs to provide staff development space.

 Four, talent incentive

 Incentive principle: our company through various incentive policy to make employees can really participate in the enterprise management, to broaden the personal development space, and through the perfect salary welfare treatment, solve the problems.

 We firmly believe that the employing work become the educational work, in the competition of the communist party of China's growth, cooperation, through the first resource "talents" to push our business forward continuously.

 HengXin company employee career planning four step.

 With the help of company, employee in career objective conditions were determined, analysis and summary of the foundation, on the staff of the interest, hobbies, ability, characteristic analysis and balance, according to the staff's career tendency, determine the best career goals, and to achieve the objective to make effective arrangement.


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